iWatch - Video Sharing Platform

Getting Started


iWatch is a video sharing platform based on latest version of Laravel Framework, Clean design, Player ads, Users channels, Powerful admin panel, Users messages, 100% responsive and much more features.


  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Users Auth
  • Login with Facebook, Twitter or Google
  • Users Profile
  • Video Stats
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • reCaptcha
  • Limit Users Storage Space
  • Pages system
  • Video embed
  • Video Share
  • Ads System
  • Player Ads
  • Contact Page
  • Detect HD or SD Videos
  • Comment Emoticons
  • Users Messages
  • Users Notification System
  • Auto Check for Updates
  • SEO Friendly
  • Clean Design & Code
  • Search by Keywords
  • Search by Tags
  • Users Blue Verification badge
  • Users Blue Verification badge
  • Prevent Spams
  • Blacklist Usernames
  • Videos Manager
  • Block Users
  • Channels List
  • AJAX Like or Dislike
  • AJAX Comments
  • Easy to Install and Config
  • Max Login Attempts
  • And Much More


  • PHP >= 5.5.9
  • PDO Extension
  • Allow_url_fopen enabled
  • Apache Web Server

Display Errors Reporting

By default we set error reporting to false to hide all error details, but you may need to see to full error datails if something went wrong. So just open iWatch/application/.env and edit

Set to TRUE

Need Help?

Thank you for purchasing our PHP Script. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form HERE. Thanks so much!

Installation & Configuration



If you already purchasing version 1.2 you can just in one click update to version 1.3
Backup your database and replace these files:
1 - All files in application/resources/
2 - All files in application/app/Http/ except "InstallController.php"
3 - file application/app/Http/Helper/Helper.php
4 - upload application/app/Http/Helper/imdb folder
5 - upload application/public/update.sql file
6 - upload content/uploads/movies folder
7 - replace all files in content/assets except "install", "fonts", "admin" folders.
8 - Now just follow: www.your-domain.com/update

Facebook Login

1 - Link: Facebook Developer

Twitter Login

1 - Link: Twitter Apps
2 - Link: Verify Your App

Google Login & Password Reset Configuration

In order for the password reset to work you will need to add your gmail address and password
1 - Link: Google Console

reCaptcha Configuration

If you want to use Google reCaptcha to should be create new site key and secret key Follow these:
1 - Link: Google reCaptcha

Translate iWatch

To translate our php script create new folder in application/resources/lang and give it a name like "es", "ar", "fr" ...
copy all files in application/resources/lang/en and open all files then translate
Now go to application/config/app.php and edit line 68 'locale' => 'en'

Sources and Credits

iWatch Script used the following files as listed.

  • Bootstrap
  • Laravel Framework
  • Jquery
  • Other JQuery Plugins
  • Other files and codes reserved to us.